10900 North Tantau
(Tantau Warm Shell)

10900 Tantau Avenue, Cupertino, CA
Scope:  We had to design and build the complete building core, which included: the lobby 1st and 2nd floors, lobby and side exit stairs, bathrooms 1st and 2nd floor with showers, full VAV HVAC systems supported above the mineral roof deck on a steel structure with roof screen, a new two stop track elevator and penthouse. Project Highlights:
A dual glass side rail system for the main lobby stair that incorporated the same glass/stainless steel look and feel that the 2-story exterior entrance glass has. This contemporary design was provided by HPC Architecture. This building is a registered LEED-Silver by the USGBC.
Size: 34,500 sq.ft.
Contract Amount: $2,300,000
Owner: Tantau Partners LLC